• Tips For Better Website Marketing

    Not too long ago I had published an excellent article showing users how to get free seo leads for their online marketing business, a case study that proved that automatically generating business leads that convert really isn’t all that difficult. Discovering, testing, and properly executing website marketing strategies is an absolutely powerful talent, and today, I am going to share with you five marketing strategies I have used in the past that have help me generate more revenue and better brand awareness.

    Business Marketing

    Promote Your Website With Stumbleupon.

    You’re probably thinking, what the heck is stumbleupon. Stumpleupon is a pretty neat website that allows you to randomly find interesting websites on the internet that you would never have found by chance. Head over the Stumbleupon website (click here) and register a free account. After logging into your email where you can confirm a free account with Stumpleupon you then need to add your website to their database, for free. Its simple to do actually, and once you add your website to their database, the site will need to go under review. Upon acceptance, people will randomly begin being sent to the URL you submitted to the StumpleUpon index. This is a fairly easy way to get traffic, but this tactic works really well if you are selling a product that everyone needs and wants.

    Promote Your Website Using Facebook Groups

    Marketing Groups

    Facebook, if used correctly, is an extremely powerful resource for marketing businesses and websites alike, and you wont be required to spend money! Here is what you need to do. Go to Facebook, log into your account, and begin searching for Facebook groups that relate to your website product, service, or overall theme. Once you have successfully joined a Facebook group you can then begin promoting your website (in a non spammy way). Keep something in mind, if you begin spamming a group, you will likely get banned from that group for life. If you begin publishing great content to your website, Facebook groups will become one of your best resources for traffic and new customers.

    Creating Web 2.0’s Promoting Your Website

    Business Marketing

    Promoting your website with Web 2.0 properties is a great way to get additional traffic exposure as well as a method for link building. There are still a lot of quality web 2.0 websites out there which you can post on for your website, All you need to do to find these websites is to go to Google and search for “Web 2.0 website”. It’s that easy.

    Keep these few things in mind when making Web 2.0’s.

    1. Your article, or Web 2.0 should be at least 500 words long.
    2. Always include images
    3. Make sure the information is actually valuable and relevant to your website.
    4. Make sure to source other websites as needed.
    5. Always make a call to action within each article you publish.
    6. Make sure to freshen your articles at least once every six months.
    7. Always link to your business website within each Web 2.0

    Now Its your turn!

    What are some of your favorite website marketing strategies? If you would like to share with us, feel free to leave a comment down beneath this article. Thanks for reading!