• Manga review – Buso Renkin and Enchanting Bewitching


                Busô Renkin, “Armored Alchemy”  • Nobuhiro Watsuki • Viz (2006–ongoing) • Shueisha (Weekly Shônen Jump, 2003–2006) • 10 volumes • Shônen, Battle • 16+ (violence, mild seual situations)

    Battle Royal Manga

                “Alchemic warriors” are the only ones who can fight the Homunculi, man-eating artificial humanoids who can transform into robot animals (snakes, eagles, frogs, etc.). Kazuki, a boy with a big lance, and Tokiko, a superhero-like tough girl with the Valkyrie Skirt, are the high school heroes who fight the silly-looking villains using weapons conjured out of nowhere. Dull and disappointing, Buso Renkin is the latest in a string of shônen manga failures (such as the untranslated Gun Blaze West) by Rurouni Kenshin creator Nobuhiro Watsuki. His American-comics-influenced art is more simplified and angular than ever but looks merely generic, and the clichéd story could entertain only the youngest readers. Watsuki’s notes on what he was and wasn’t allowed to do (such as have a villain make fun of Tokiko’s facial scars) are more interesting than the manga itself, albeit depressing to read.


                Yô, “Enchanting/Bewitching” (  YO-U) • Sanami Matoh • ADV (2005) • Akita Shoten/Biblos (Princess 2000, Magazine Zero 2003–2005) • 2 volumes, suspended (3 volumes in Japan) • Shôjo, Fantasy, Adventure • 13+ (violence, partial nudity)

    CYBORG 009 Manga

                A clichéd feudal Japanese fantasy manga borrowing heavily from Inu-Yasha. Asagi, a demon hunter with a magic sword, wanders Japan along with two demons: Kaede, a half-demon girl, and Kurenai, her father, who is bound in spirit form except when he possesses his daughter and turns her into a combat expert. Their journey takes them into episodic encounters with various ghosts and monsters. The monster designs are boring (fangs + elf ears + tattoos = demon), the screentone-heavy art is hard to follow, and the mixture of monster-fighting action and kvetching comedy is strictly by the numbers. Some nudity is censored from the English edition.

  • Top 4 Models Based On Pet Vacuum Cleaner

    There are many models based on pet vacuum cleaner available throughout the world, but very less of them are good. It is recommended to buy the best cleaner tool for your use and for that, you are going to select from these 5 mentioned models which are as follows –

    • Shark Navigator Lift-Away – This is a fantastic model as it has the great suction power which is sufficient for the dirt collection. For pets especially, it has a different technology, which is really very good. Today, this model is popular throughout the world and people love this model.
    • Hoover Wind Tunnel Pet Rewind – This tool has many additional features especially when it is about pet hair. Thousands of people are using this tool and they are well satisfied. So, if you have this tool, then you can easily fix your home.
    • Eureka Pet Lover – Eureka is an established brand and their tools are really good. If you have this tool, you can easily clean your home with some period of time. This model is basically made for pet purpose only.
    • Miele S7260 – This is really an awesome model type as it has many different features. The tool has an amazing technology, which is fully sufficient to provide you cleanliness.

    These are some good models based on a pet vacuum cleaner tool. Please do click here: petvacuumjudge.com to get some more info based on these models.

    Well, there are thousands of models available but these are the best models. You don’t need to search anymore because the best models are available in front of you. Please feel free to buy any of them because all of them are based on a good quality. Do not waste your time and get pet vacuum cleaner today only. 

  • Study Says Period Pain affect Women Workers

    Period pain that impacts their ability to work has been experienced by most girls workers, a survey indicates.
    A YouGov survey of 1,000 girls for BBC Radio the programme found 52 of 5 live's Emma % had, but just 27% had told their supervisor period pain was responsible. Consequently, almost a third had taken a day's sick leave of the 52%. And one physician has indicated companies should offer "menstrual leave".


    Nine out of 10 of the girls reported having period pain.
    Dr Gedis Grudzinskas, a London-based adviser gynaecologist, said girls should be more open about period pain – and companies more comprehension. He included: "Menstruation is standard, but some girls suffer terribly and they endure in silence.
    "I do not believe girls should be self-conscious about it, and firms should be adapting with leave for girls who are fighting with debilitating periods."

    Nancy Eccles says debilitating periods led to her decision to leave full time work. Nancy Eccles left full time work partially due to her debilitating periods. She's now expected to have a hysterectomy to remove her uterus. An employment attorney at Brodies LLP in Aberdeen, Fiona Morrison, said, sometimes, acute period pain could be considered a handicap.

    What's interval pain?
    Pain is experienced by most women within their menstrual cycle that is monthly.
    It's typically experienced as stomach cramps, which may propagate to thighs and the back.
    Interval pain can be felt as painful spasms or a dull ache. Girls may also experience headaches, diarrhoea and nausea.

    The higher that amount, the more generally and more powerfully the uterus contracts, causing the pain.
    Pelvic pain can be also experienced by some girls, even when not on their period. "It's judged on the impact on the girl without treatment or painkillers. "This is about extraordinary instances of acute pain," she added, "and it'd often be instance specific, therefore I can not see it opening the floodgates on claims." You can find the details of the article at chronic pain forum.

  • Are natural supplements are safe to use

    health supplement

    A natural supplement is one that is made from natural ingredients such as extracts of plants, vegetables, fruits, and other herbs. It doesn’t contain any harmful, toxic, or artificial ingredients.

    Since a natural health supplement has nothing but natural ingredients mixed in different proportions, therefore, it is safe to use it. Yes, you can use a natural health supplement such as ones for weight loss, digestion, eye health, joint health, etc.

    You just name it. There is a natural supplement for pretty much everything available in the market.

    Things to consider when buying a health supplement

    There are, however, a few important things that must be kept in mind when choosing a natural health supplement.

    • Read the list of ingredients and their proportion and percentages. The idea is to ensure that all the ingredients listed are all natural. Most of the people don’t know the scientific names of the herbs and fruits so you shouldn’t hesitate seeking help from an expert.
    • Don’t trust what the manufacturer says. Always double check. Most of the manufacturers will tell you that a specific supplement is natural but in reality, it isn’t. Always do your homework. Do some research on the internet and be sure that you are buying the best natural supplement.
  • Benefits Of Martial Arts For Kids

    If you want your kids to learn skills that will keep them physically, mentally and emotionally healthy and strong  then karate classes are a fabulous choice. Karate classes teach kids to be more attentive, responsible and take personal dignity in themselves. This helps them change their attitude and behaviours at home. Kids karate classes make your kid mentally stronger and teach him or her how to protect yourself in a critical situation. Karate for kids emphasizes respect for others. When parents realize this, their bonds with their children remain balanced and calm as they mature and enter into traditionally rebellious years. Once a child enters into a Karate Sydney classes, it is something he or she will be able to continue at any stage of life, wherever they are.

    They will have the tools to always remain physically fit. Nowadays, there are a number of martial arts training centers available that offer the karate classes for kids. When looking for a karate or Martial Arts Sydney school for your kid , it is advisable to  look for a venue that offers karate for kids. Call the martial art school and ask how young kids can begin, and if they have classes for your child’s age group, pay them a visit. When you visit the various martial arts schools see a class and notice too how excited the learners are; that is the best indicator of the quality of the teaching.

    After watching the lesson, introduce your kid and speak with the martial arts trainer. If your kid feels happy, and you like the teacher, discuss the fees and schedules for karate for children. If the fees meet your funds, and the class schedule is congenial with yours, sigh your child up. If you want to get more information about martial arts and its benefits for kids then do a little research on the web and get the best results. There are a number of websites are running on the web that offer the detailed information about the martial arts and its benefits.

  • Some Common Sense Reasons To Buy Air Purifiers

    If you believe that you do not need air cleaners and purifiers in your home, then you should read what is following in the next few lines. There is little doubt that one of the major causes of illnesses in homes is because of the quality of air which many of us breathe. While contaminated water and food could also be a source of illnesses, the latter two are very much under our control. We can pre-treat the water and drink it or we can ensure that it is boiled properly to get rid of germs and bacteria. As far as food is concerned, we can use the best cooking processes and use the best ingredients to ensure that they are of the best quality at all points of time. However, in case of air which we breathe it is not always possible and quite often we get into action mode once the problem has already impacted us. We will try and reason out the need for installing air purifiers in homes to overcome the problem of impure air circulating in our homes.

    Do You Have A New Baby Or A Pregnant Person

    If you have a pregnant woman in your home or a new born baby there are many reasons why you should not hesitate in investing in an air purifier. Early chemical exposure is one of the main reasons for problems in pregnant woman which could also lead to deformities during birth. Hence it is important to prevent this with the help of a suitable air purifier.

    Having Aged People At Home

    If you have people above the age of 60 you can be sure that they will not have the same immunity power and body strength as they have a few years back. Hence installing a good air cleaner or purifier without any doubt could be a big way forward.

    You can read more by checking this website: www.enjoyqualityair.com .

  • Best smartphones in India

    The smartphone includes the price of 15000 and thus we've included in our curated collection of smartphones under 15000. So should you believe that you cannot get a budgeted smartphone, you're gravely erroneous. It's the world's very first single layered smartphone.

    Things You Should Know About Best Smartphone under 10000 to 15000 in India 2014

    Both the phones are offered in retail stores in addition to online. When you purchase a cell phone, it's only an electronic device. It is regarded as best selfie phone on the market on account of the camera technology.

    What You Should Do About Best Smartphone under 10000 to 15000 in India 2014 Beginning in the Next Three Minutes

    If anyone wants to get a very good smartphone along with all the qualities and specifications in a little budget then there are a number of businesses which launched their phones beneath a good budget. You can anticipate a good smartphone with top-notch specs at this budget. At this time, You can receive this super smartphone in the cost of Rs. Now the exact 21,000 smartphone can be found at 13000 Rs in Indian markets, therefore it is only a go grab it condition with endless capabilities. In general, should you be trying to find a super-slim smartphone is effective very well and under 15000 price, we advise that you get this telephone.

    1 advice for all of the games out there, in case you are purchasing this phone for gaming, then this may not be the best option for you. While the phone appears quite and good, it's a good performer too. Purchasing a phone that has a good processor is now common sense nowadays, but few care about the quantity of RAM it has. Then the 12,000 phone is going to be crippled with a few omissions. In case you are searching for the exact same in your smart phone then I must recommend you have a peek at this lovely handy android Smartphone. In general, it's a decent phone to get! Should you be trying to find a stylish yet strong phone, do it.

    The Most Popular Best Smartphone under 10000 to 15000 in India 2014

    If you're interested in purchasing a smartphone under Rs 10,000 price time, you may want to check out these smartphones that we've picked among many. Prior to buying a smartphone inside this budget, It's quite important to consider what you want in smartphone. It is presently known among the slimmest smartphones in India.If you are looking for laptop under 20k india you can visit the best gadgets site gadgets9.

    If not the greatest but among the finest smartphones it is possible to get under 15000. It's difficult to settle on a smartphone below the Rs 5,000. If you're searching for 5 best smartphone under 15000 Rs then you're at right location.

    The smartphones have a complete body made from aircraft-grade aluminum.  Should you be trying to find a smartphone with a rather maximum battery life, then elect for the Gionee Marathon M3. Therefore, if you want to get an ideal smartphone under 15000 then you're at right spot. In case you have another smartphone under 15000 which you think can be inside this list, then I would like to know in your comment. If you're one of those individuals, who are searching for CDMA based android smartphones, then there aren't too many choices for you.

  • Professional Agents Perfect Strata Managerial Skills

    Strata management is one of the most difficult jobs in the world. The prevalence of strata property has grown in the past few years and so is the need for these areas, therefore, many lives are now connected with these strata living cities. Now in order to help them all, there is an important need to manage all these resources in and effective way. Therefore there are strata management agents in Sydney that are available to help the administrative bodies of these strata homes in Sydney with the best strata management explications at a very efficient cost that satisfies their budget. When you use the support of these strata agents in Sydney you don't need to worry about the price of the assistance because there are several top strata management consultancy in Sydney that is available to assist the heirs of these strata areas with the best functional Strata Management solutions as per their requirement.

    The assistance of these strata management agents is prepared as per the convenience and necessity of the clients in Sydney. These strata agents contribute their support 24 hours in a day and 7 days a week. They are committed to making every strata plan of Sydney satisfied with the powerful strata management system. If the strata buyers are not able to assist the management requirement of their business then they should use the support of these known strata agents in Sydney on time so that the people who are living in these strata areas don't face any problem due to bad sustaining approach. Renting the support of these strata agents in Sydney is very easy and clear so you can directly hire them at your convenience and see the extension of your Strata Agent lot. An active strata management method is very essential for efficient management of a strata area and for building a friendly atmosphere where all the strata members can live in peace with all the required resources.

  • Abnormal Symptoms That You Should Check In Your Pup

    Breathing quickly or erratically is perfectly normal behavior in young puppies in their sleep. But if your pup is breathing quickly, erratically or seems to be holding his breaths somehow (as his breath suddenly stops and quickly starts again) as he is fully awake, then you should check for the following symptoms to know if he has contracted any serious illness:

    – If your pup is not growing or developing at a normal rate, or if he cannot gain weight like other puppies of his breeds at the same age, and he may get tired more quickly than other dogs of the same breed of the same age, than he may have the failure to thrive.

    – Short periods of breathing quickly and erratically is normal if your pup has been running around, exercising or playing with great passion in a warm or hot weather. All you need to do is let him rest, give him some of the best dry dog food for Pitbulls, and treat him to fresh water. However, if he has not exercised before, then it is not normal. In the cases that your dog is in pain, distress or anxiety, or if he is scared of something, then breathing quickly is also normal. 

    – Does your dog used to be more active and have greater endurance in the past? Does he get tired more easily now? Does he sleeps a lot more or just collapse down after light exercise or a short walk? First of all, you need to check if the thing you have been feeding him is the best dry dog food, and then take him to a vet for immediate medical check-ups.

    – It is even more serious if your dog coughs chronically, especially when he's lying down, when he has just woken up from his nap, or in the morning after his night sleep. A cough signals a lot of things, including kennel cough. 

  • Up Points And Down Points Of Dog Food Bowls

    Ceramic bowls are one of the best choices for containing the best dry dog food for german shepherds, as it is very healthy and bear no concern of leaking chemicals inside your dog food or water. However, these bowls can chip quite easily, so you have to pay attention to replacing them frequently enough so that the chips will not occur on the bowl. Just the scratches on the plastic bowls, the chips, and cracks on the ceramic bowls can contain bacteria that can go into the content of the bowl. Therefore, you have to replace ceramic bowls more frequently than you do with stainless steel bowls. On the other hand, in comparison with stainless steel bowl, ceramic bowls are a lot less noisy and they will not make annoying sounds on the floor when the dog touches it as he is eating or drinking.

    There is another option to choose a bowl to contain the best dry dog food for Pitbulls, which is the wooden bowls. They are also the most fashionable choices, as they look really good. Naturally, wooden dog food bowls are tough and durable, so they can be a long lasting option and can be compared with stain fewer steel bowls. Like any others, wooden bowls have their downsides, too. If you pour too much water inside, then it can be easily damaged over time, or you have to clean it regularly, almost daily, with water. This is because wood can get warped with moisture, and the dog can not clean it himself, so the owner has to clean it himself. The owner must also check frequently fro the cracks and chips on the wooden bowls to prevent bacteria from entering. These splits or cracks happen from water damage.  

    There are a lot of types of dog food bowls on the market today, each of which has its own down side and up side.